Urban Academy aims to offer quality education in smaller classes. Based on the number of educators, the school's facilities and the choice of subjects offered at the school, these classes will be no bigger than 30 students per class.

The language of instruction at the school is English with Afrikaans and Xhosa offered as Additional Languages. It is in the best interests of the student that they are able to cope in an English medium environment.


If space permits following the application of these criteria, preference will be given to students who:


  • Have specialized skills or talents that the school has the potential to develop, or

  • Who have strong academic ability to be able to cope with the high standards expected at the school, or

  • Are focused and compassionate to further their education in a disciplined environment

  • Are placed by welfare and missionary services

  • Special consideration will be given to previously disadvantaged students and those that have not had any opportunity to enter the educational system.


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