Urban is excited to present our 2019 musical:

Shut Up And Dance!

Junior (Ayabonga Mabengeza) is the new boy at school, so school nerd Liyema (Sihle Klaas) decides to look after him. Then along comes Lithemba, the school 'queen' (Anam Ndzengu). While it may be love at first sight for Junior, Lithemba certainly doesn't feel the same.

Not only does Junior join a secret dance crew to win the girl of his dreams, he also has to deal with his dad (Lukholo Bembe) dating his teacher (Sisipho Bolo / Liyema Ndiza). One thing's for sure, high school is not easy...

The show had its own drama on opening night when lead performer Sisipho Bolo fell ill and had to be replaced by Liyema Ndiza. Liyema took on the daunting task of learning the lines, songs and choreography JUST HOURS before the first performance! Thank you Liyema for your awesome courage.

The lead cast were accompanied by nearly 100 dancers and singers - most of them extremely talented primary school learners. With the help of dedicated staff members from all phases, Shut Up And Dance! was one of the largest productions in Urban History.

For those who missed the show, make sure to attend in 2020.

One thing you will learn from anyone who has been to an Urban show is "Urban's Got Talent!"

Mr J Potgieter

Head of Musical Committee


Urban is excited to present our 2018 musical:

Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare.

Theatre is all about escaping the real world and becoming lost inside a story world. And what better way to tell a story than a good, old-fashioned fairy tale? This year's production focuses on the story of Snow White - but this is nothing like the Disney movie...


Snow White is your average, modern-day girl. She loves her friends and her cell phone. She also happens to be a princess. And Prince Charming - the player - takes full advantage of this.

Of course, things don't always go according to plan. Snow White's evil step mother takes over the country, with the help of her dancing Magic Mirror. Together they set out to hunt down Snow White, setting our story into play.

Featuring songs from Beyoncé, Drake, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Fergie - to mention just a few - this year's show is going to be 'LIT'!

The cast will feature students from many different grades, including our primary school. Special mention must be made of the enthusiastic and talented grade 9 learners which make up the main cast.

Our major players are Liyema Ndiza as Snow White, Simnikiwe Songwevu as the Evil Queen, and Ayabonga Mabengeza as Prince Charming. Sihle Klaas is our amazing narrator who takes us on this journey.

The show will take place in mid-October and will feature amazing sound and lighting. Tickets will go on sale at the end of term 3.

Don’t miss out on this chance to see your friends on a professional stage!